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Hundreds of workers are harmed while on the job every year in California. A workplace injury can happen within any line of work, regardless of whether it occurred in an industry that utilizes heavy equipment and machinery, or an environment considered safe for desk jobs and other forms of occupation.

When a workplace injury occurs, an injured worker may have dozens of questions, not only about their injuries and their ability to earn an income moving forward but also about their rights to benefits.

Injured Workers Deserve Compensation

Unfortunately, many employers are reluctant to adhere to workers’ compensation regulations, despite it being a “no-fault” system. If you are encountering difficulty getting proper compensation for your work-related injury from your employer, or have been threatened with termination, wage garnishment, or other penalties, contact our team immediately.

If you’ve suffered an injury as the result of a workplace incident or have developed an occupation-related disease or condition, you may be entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim. This is a benefit program designed to provide medical support and wage replacement while recovering from work-related injuries.

Workers Compensation Benefits

Many states, including California, require employers to maintain workers’ compensation insurance to cover their injured workers. The workers’ comp benefits included in these programs are intended to support employees while they are unable to work and ensure medical expenses are paid. Compensation programs offered by workers’ compensation insurance include:

  • Medical Care
  • Supplemental Job Displacement Assistance
  • Temporary Disability
  • Permanent Disability
  • Death Benefits

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Workers' Compensation FAQ

When employers handle the process correctly, workers’ compensation claims are simple. Employees who are injured in the workplace should immediately notify employers of the situation so they can be directed to medical treatment. Employers have the right to choose a medical provider if desired, and you will notify them of the situation to include in the medical diagnosis. After your injury or illness is evaluated, the claim will be submitted to workers’ comp insurance. 

Most employers follow these regulations but there are cases where injured workers are expected to remain silent. If your employer is refusing to acknowledge workers’ compensation claims, seek legal consultation and get compensation for your injuries.

Workers’ compensation programs are necessary for every industry because every job has occupational hazards. Even in an office job, poor air quality, mold, and other issues can arise that may put you out of work. If you are unsure if you have justification to file, speak with your employer and schedule a medical evaluation. If your employer is unwilling to acknowledge your requests or lacks worker’s compensation coverage, it may be time to seek legal assistance.

By law, workers’ compensation includes any injuries or illnesses that are sustained by an employee while completing a task or directive for their job. Laws cover employees regardless of fault or cause, including injuries that occur while traveling for an occupation. Law requires employers to absorb any medical expenses, downtime, and retraining expenses on a case-by-case basis.


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By clicking "Submit Your Case", you agree to the terms and conditions and the privacy policy. You may opt out at any time. By submitting this form, You also agree to receive text messages from Employment Law Assist, APC.

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