Meal and Rest Break Violation

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California labor law stipulates workers or employees are entitled to a meal break or rest breaks based on specific requirements or conditions.

While choosing to work voluntarily through your meal or rest period is not considering a violation, employers are legally forbidden from infringing on your meal and/or rest breaks by demanding your presence or asking to stay “on call”. Employers who deny their employees meal or rest breaks are liable for one hour of the employee’s wage per break that was denied to them.

If your employer fails to provide adequate meal and rest breaks or falsely manipulates your hours, they may be breaking the law. Indeed, California imposes strict penalties on employers who fail to pay overtime, require their employers to continue working “off the clock,” or fail to provide a 30-minute break for every five hours worked. 

If you suspect that your employer may be guilty of meal and rest violations or wage theft, you need to be aware of your legal options. Our team will help identify whether you have been treated unfairly and can assist you in getting the compensation you are owed.

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