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Even though an occupation may or may not be an individual’s only source of livelihood, it is a large part of identity, with many taking pride in their everyday contributions to the very society they live in at work.

Few situations in life can be more stressful or impactful than an unexpected termination of employment. However, it’s important that you understand that not all firings are done legally. In fact, many are directly tied to discriminatory practices in the workplace or violate policies put in place to protect the employed. A list of reasons your employer can not terminate your employment for can include the following:

Physical or mental disabilities

  •         Age
  •         Race
  •         Gender
  •         Sexual orientation/identity
  •         Religion
  •         Military status
  •         Political beliefs
  •         Whistleblower status
  •         Use of Family Medical Leave or Pregnancy
  •         Being a victim of abuse or stalking
  •         Discussing income or workplace conditions
  •         Filing a safety complaint
  •         Making a reasonable request for accommodations
  •         Filing a worker’s compensation claim
  •         Violations of the WARN Act (requiring notice before mass layoffs)
  •         Termination without cause in a situation with an implied contract

It is worth mentioning that in Orange County, California, you are protected from any unlawful discrimination by the Fair Employment and Housing Act, also known as FEHA. The FEHA provides an extensive list of reasons why an employee may not be terminated from their employment, which includes some of those listed above.

In addition, as a citizen of California, regardless of your immigration status, you are protected by state employment laws. In other words, it is illegal to discriminate against an employee or worker due to national origin or background. Federal laws and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission protect the rights of Californians much like all Americans.

If you have reason to believe that you have been wrongfully terminated from your job, you may be entitled to either reinstatement or financial compensation. Our team can listen to and evaluate your case, investigate the legal ramifications of your employer’s actions, then recommend a strategic plan to address the termination immediately.

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