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Discrimination is one of the most common workplace violations, yet far too many employees remain unaware of their legal right to fair treatment. Both Federal Law and State Law have strict rules regarding workplace discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, and more.

However, despite the strict federal and state laws, discrimination in the workplace is a brutal reality, and violations of federal and state discrimination laws keep happening. That’s where a discrimination attorney can assist you.

Feel free to reach us anytime to get a free consultation from our vastly skilled and experienced discrimination lawyers.

Federal Law for Employment Discrimination

The United States’ justice system strictly forbids any type of unjust workplace or employment discrimination. While state and local laws provide further protection and prohibit employers from unlawful discriminatory practices, federal laws prohibiting workplace discrimination include:

  •         Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  •         The Equal Pay Act of 1963
  •         The Age Discrimination Act of 1967
  •         The Rehabilitation Act of 1973;
  •         The Civil Rights Act of 1991.
  •         The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978

Types of Workplace Discrimination Prohibited by Federal Law

Both prospective and current employees are legally protected by federal and state laws, banning discrimination in the workplace based on the following cases:

  • Disability Discrimination :

    If unfair treatment of an employee or failure to consider a job based on a disability occurs, it qualifies as a case of disability discrimination.

    Either mental or physical disabilities, they are a fact and people with such a condition are legally protected.

  • Discrimination Based On Race, Color :

    Discrimination based on race, color, or ethnicity is very common in the United States. Different racial groups are targeted based on race, color, or ethnic identity.

    Have you witnessed a case like that? If yes, contact us and avail the services of our discrimination lawyers to get justice against these unlawful discriminatory practices.

  • Pregnancy Discrimination :

    Women who are pregnant or hoping to become pregnant are legally protected from discrimination and any form of employer retaliation.

    Sadly, many women are not aware of these legal protections and end up losing their status, promotions, and other hard-earned benefits due only to becoming pregnant.  
  • Gender Discrimination :

    Gender discrimination (sex discrimination) is when an employer gives preferential treatment to either men or women. Though common, it is not easy to prove that an employer’s actions violate the “terms and conditions” of the employment contract.

    Our team can help you identify discriminatory behavior and get good compensation. So, contact us now if you are facing gender discrimination.

  • LGBTQ+ or Sexual Orientation Discrimination :

    Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer people are protected from workplace discrimination by the Supreme Court ruling.

    Common forms of discrimination against these people include denying access to bathroom facilities, insufficient health insurance coverage, and verbal, physical, or sexual harassment.

  • Age Discrimination :

    Due to the changing nature of California’s workplaces, age discrimination has got a lot more common recently. It can deprive both old and young qualified employees of employment opportunities.

    But, age preference is a violation of anti-discrimination laws and should be handled with the help of an employment lawyer.

Common Discriminatory Practices

Common discriminatory practices include being passed over for promotion, enduring offensive or inappropriate comments, being denied leave or benefits, being terminated, or not being hired in the first place (employment discrimination).

If you suspect you or a fellow employee are a victim of workplace discrimination, you must call our team right away. We will make sure to prohibit employers from violating your basic rights.

Why Does Employment Discrimination Lawyers Assist?

You may be thinking, why do I even need an employment discrimination lawyer? I can handle the case on my own without a discrimination lawyer.

However, experienced discrimination lawyers give you these advantages:

  •  Aggressive representatives of employees
  • Dedicated employment discrimination attorneys
  • Extensive knowledge and experience
  • No win, no fee, 100% risk-free guaranteed
Why Employment Law Assist?  
  •  We are a premier employment law firm that aggressively represents employees
  • Our compassionate attorneys are dedicated to enforce employee’s rights in the workplace.
  •  We have extensive knowledge in all areas of employment law including: wage and hour, workers compensation, wrongful termination, retaliation, discrimination, and harassment.
  If your current or former employer has wronged you in any way, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact us for a free and confidential consultation.  



We will handle your case on a contingency fee basis, which means, you don’t pay a thing unless we win or settle your case. We pay all case costs and expenses from start to finish. You pay $0 out of pocket expenses. If your case is unsuccessful for any reason, you owe us nothing, we guarantee it.

Workplace Discrimination FAQs

Workplace discrimination is the unfair treatment or inability to obtain employment based on an individual’s religion, sex, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, race, color, or status in a protected class.

If your employer has subjected your team to a hostile work environment, unfair employment practices, unfair treatment, refused a reasonable accommodation, or fallen outside of state and federal laws, they may be liable for their actions.

Talk to an employment discrimination lawyer and review your case to improve your workplace permanently.

When working with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, your case may take six months or longer, depending on the circumstances.

The most efficient and beneficial way to handle discrimination claims is to talk with an employment discrimination lawyer, who can guide you through the process and a successful mediation.

You can also reach our discrimination attorney to get a free consultation for your case.

According to their public statistics, the average payout of an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claim is approximately $5700. This amount may compensate for some of your distress, lost time, and wages. You deserve better for your unfair treatment in the workplace. Working with a lawyer specializing in unlawful discrimination can help you leverage a more substantial claim against unlawful discriminatory practices.

Filing an employment discrimination case may cause tension (assuming you are still employed at the time). But, reporting workplace discrimination issues should not affect your employment status. It is valid for both federal employees and other employees.

Although your employer may be unhappy, it would be considered retaliation to terminate an employee due to a workplace discrimination claim.

Many employees are unwilling to get into the legal process and don’t report such illegal acts for legal action.

However, if you hire our discrimination attorney, your legal issues will be taken care of quite smoothly, and legal action will be ensured to protect your fundamental rights.

Harassment is the worst type of showing discrimination in the workplace. It can adversely affect an individual’s self-confidence and result in an offensive work environment.

Are you facing discrimination in the workplace in the form of harassment for being part of a certain race or due to any other reason? If yes, you should know that federal and local laws prohibit such behavior in the workplace.

Contact us for a free consultation on your case, and our discrimination attorney will take good care of all your legal issues.

For additional information about the filing process and what to expect from federal and state laws, contact our employment discrimination experts and receive a free consultation.


We will handle your case on a contingency fee basis, which means, you don’t pay a thing unless we win or settle your case.

We pay all case costs and expenses from start to finish. You pay $0 out of pocket expenses. If your case is unsuccessful for any reason, you owe us nothing, we guarantee it.

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